Asset Protection

When it comes to protecting your assets, the little things matter. Our attorneys provide real-world advice on asset protection planning which can help you structure the ownership and composition of your assets to protect them from creditors.

Our asset protection planning is designed to accomplish our clients’ goals by shielding their assets from future creditors’ claims and lawsuits. We advise our clients on the best plan that will meet their asset protection goals and we assist in its implementation.

Asset Protection Services

Assist in applying for and obtaining eligibility in Community and Long-Term Care government assistance programs, including Medicaid (“MassHealth”). MassHealth is a joint federal and state public benefits program which has a complex set of eligibility rules.
Drafting and filing of homestead declarations
Incorporating domestic and foreign corporations
Formation of domestic and foreign limited liability companies
Formation of family limited partnerships
Establishment of domestic and foreign asset protection trusts
Advising as to creditor protection benefits associated with particular assets

Sean’s Story

“No matter how hard you work to keep up a property, you can’t anticipate everything. Cody, Cody & McCarthy helped me to make sure that if something goes wrong, my family and I will be protected.

We’ve put a lot of ourselves into our properties and take pride in making sure they are the nicest in the area. But, we know that even the most diligent landlord can run into trouble. Cody, Cody & McCarthy understands the peace of mind that comes with protecting our assets, and worked with us to put a plan in place that assured our future.”

Sean M, Medfield on the pride of managing his property

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