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Charitable Giving

Our attorneys provide advice on charitable giving which results in tax benefits to our clients and the gift benefit to the charity. Our charitable planning is designed to accomplish our clients’ charitable goals by assisting them in carrying out their charitable intent, saving estate and income taxes, and providing for heirs. We advise our clients on the best plan that will meet their charitable goals and we assist with its implementation.

Charitable Planning Services

  • Create Legal Identity
  • Register With State Attorney General
  • File Form 1023 with Internal Revenue Sevice to Establish Non-Profit Status
  • Dedicated Attorney Advisory Service
  • Administration & Compliance
  • Research and Issue Resolution
  • Organizational Planning
  • Advanced Grant Making
  • Program Management

Philanthropic Advisory Services

Cody, Cody & McCarthy provides the human touch and expertise to make sure you get the most from our service, your foundation and your philanthropy. We provide assistance to help you achieve your mission, establish an enduring legacy for you and your family, and make a difference to the charitable causes that are important to you. From initial implementation to ongoing support to our philanthropic advisory services, Cody, Cody & McCarthy prides itself on rapid, accurate responses to your needs, working with you each step of the way.
Cody, Cody & McCarthy, LLC.

Stephen & Jennifer's Story

“We believe in giving back. The team at Cody, Cody & McCarthy have made it even easier for our family to make a difference.

We’ve been fortunate over the past few decades to be blessed with success and want to help others by giving back. Mike and Jamie and their team have helped us put together a plan that minimizes taxes and maximizes our contributions to the charities that mean the most to us.”

Stephen and Jennifer T*, Cohasset, on charity and giving back

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